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Time Line


Children being taught to use weapons by the LRA, image copyright
This timeline was created with the help of the BBC website.

1921- Uganda is given a legislative council by Great Britain. However, the first African member isn't inducted until 1945.

1958- Uganda is given a self-government.

1962- Uganda gains its Independence. Milton Obote (born December 28, 1925 and died October 10, 2005) is first prime minister.

1971- Milton Obote is ousted from power by army-commissioner Idi Amin Dada (born circa 1925 and died August 16, 2003).

1972- Idi Amin Dada delcares a border clash with Tanzania.

1976- Idi Amin Dada announces he is president for life and ousts any political opponents.

1979- Idi Amin Dada is forced to flee after Tanzania and Ugandan efforts unit to overthrow his rule.

1980- Milton Obote becomes president after rigged elections.

1985- Milton Obote is once again ousted from the presidency. Yoweri Museveni (born circa 1939) comes into power with the help of the National Resistance Army.

1986- The rebel group, LRA emerges in Northern Uganda and begins abducting children for their army.

1993- Yoweri Museveni reinstates the traditional monarchies, but gives them no political power.

1996- Yoweri Museveni is re-elected for the presidency.

2002- Sudan signs an agreement to help contain the rebel forces (LRA). Joseph Kony (born 1961) and his LRA soldiers abduct 10,000 children.

2004- The LRA attacks a "protective camp" in northern Uganda, killing 200 Ugandan civilians.

2006- Peace talks between the LRA and the Ugandan government begin.

2008- Peace talks crumble as Joseph Kony is a no-show at the negotiations.

2011- One hundred US troops are sent to Uganda to help the government with the LRA rebels.